[Samba] Users with changed passwords can't log on remotely (but can locally)

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at interia.pl
Tue Jan 18 19:51:14 GMT 2005

Ed Holden wrote:
> Yes.  I have a share called "NRL Folders"  I can't browse it or any 
> other shares.  On the local machine I can; that is, on the server I can 
> use the smbclient to connect to and list shares that way.  But 
> not from another machine.
> It's not a network thing, because it is user-specific.  Any user who has 
> been added, or who has had his or her password changed, since the 
> migration to the new machine cannot log on from other computers (but can 
> connect with smbclient on  So I assumed it was a problem 
> related to secrets.tdb, since the names of the machines have changed and 
> I know this sort of thing is in the secrets.tdb file.

So we can assume this has nothing to do with machine passwords, as it's 
not needed for browsing shares.

The only thing that comes to my mind is:

hosts allow =

hosts deny =

users allow =


in smb.conf - but I'm sure you already checked that?


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