[Samba] Re: Unable to connect to smb shares from second machine in workgroup

Andrew DeFaria Andrew at DeFaria.com
Tue Jan 18 18:10:15 GMT 2005

Ed Holden wrote:

> So you are connecting, but it seems to be rejecting just the password. 
> That is odd.

As I said, it also appears that the SMB server is unaware of the machine 
named Starbase. Remember nmblookup is unable to locate the machine named 

> Are you sure the username is valid?

Yes. Only one username is in play here, albeit mapped on the Linux 
machine, and that's "Andrew DeFaria". It's the same username on Voyager 
and the same username on Starbase. Remember Starbase used to occupy 
Voyager's place. And smbusers maps "Andrew DeFaria" -> andrew, which is 
my username on the Linux box Earth.

And remember, this mapping is currently working from Voyager\Andrew 
DeFaria -> andrew at earth. Also, Starbase\Andrew DeFaria can map shares 
from Voyager and Voyager\Andrew DeFaria can map shares from Starbase. 
Voyager\Andrew DeFaria can map shares from Earth. It's only 
Starbase\Andrew DeFaria that cannot map shares nor browse shares on 
Earth. Note that Starbase can browse into the workgroup Universe and it 
sees some share names there (It sees Web for example, and a couple 
others, but not all of the ones that Voyager sees). If, however, I 
attempt to browse into Web, for instance, the username/password dialog 
box pops up and as I said, no username password combination works! :-( .

> What if you use Explorer and input \\earth\web?  It should prompt you 
> for a user and password?

Yes I do this all the time, usually as the test case. Yes it does prompt 
for a username/password. I have tried all of 
[Earth|Voyager|Starbase]\Andrew DeFaria. I've also tried 
[Earth|Voyager|Starbase]\andrew. Nothing works, with the one and only 
password for "Starbase\Andrew DeFaria" and andrew at earth. The password is 
the same for all user IDs being used here.

If I browse from Voyager to \\earth\web I get in no dialogs or prompts 
or problems.

> What if you create a new user on earth and dry to connect as the new 
> user?

Interesting and I will try that. However how exactly do I state that new 
user? Do you mean in the username/password dialog box presented on 
Starbase when I browse to \\earth\web I specify a username of say 
earth\root and then root's password. I believe I tried that. Didn't 
work, but I could try it again (actually I see that smbusers has a 
mapping for root -> "administrator" and "admin". Perhaps I should try 
I have six locks on my door all in a row. When I go out, I lock every 
other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the 
locks, they are always locking three.

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