[Samba] Trying to get my local profile to sync with my roaming profile

Richmond Dyes rdyes at monroehosp.org
Tue Jan 18 16:27:42 GMT 2005

I am having a problem getting my original local profile to sync with my 
new roaming profile on a FC2 samba 3.0.9 server.  I have a user called 
"John Doe" who logs into a machine as a local user.  In samba his name 
is jdoe and I use the smbusers file to map him to "John Doe".  When I 
decided to move from a workgroup set up to a domain setup my problem is 
now the roaming profile domain/jdoe does not sync with the 
localmahine/John Doe account.  Does anyone have an answer to this issue?

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