[Samba] Smbmount and permission denied

MATHIEU FRANCOIS-XAVIER francois-xavier.mathieu at siemens.com
Tue Jan 18 15:49:20 GMT 2005


Note that I found many place with similar problem, but I don't understand
any solution. Can you help me ?

I use Samba 3.0.10 on a Suse 8.2. 

My goal is to mount a shared directory from a XP machine to a directory on
my linux.

* I have created a directory in order to mount the XP directory
* a ls -l show me this directory
* I mount the XP directory with a valid command : smbmount
"//be2a03xc/pmlist" /home/team/monsysrv -o
* This command gives no error message and "mount" command shows me that all
seems to be correct.
* When I do a ls -l, I see no more this directory, but I can enter in it
with "cd"
* a ls -l of this directory gives me "permission denied".
* strange ? No ?

If you have any tips or additional question in order to solve this very
strange problem, do not hesitate to respond to me.

Kind regards,

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