[Samba] NetBIOS across subnets

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at interia.pl
Tue Jan 18 15:49:21 GMT 2005

Misty Stanley-Jones wrote:

 > Hi all,
 > I would like two Samba servers to be able to talk to each other via 
NetBIOS.  The problem is that they are on two different subnets.  I have 
enabled broadcast ping on the routers, and the servers can each ping the 
other subnet with no trouble.  The two relevant IPs are 
and  There is a T1 between two Cisco routers, and IP 
routing is all set up.
 > Currently 192.168.1.x is the CORP domain. Samba PDC is acting as the 
WINS server.
 > 192.168.2.x is the FURN server, and its Samba PDC is acting as its 
WINS server.

In my opinion, it is wrong.

On one server, set:

wins support = yes

On the other:

wins server =  # (IP of the first one)
wins proxy = yes


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