[Samba] browse list problem

Oneill lithium at vipmail.hu
Tue Jan 18 12:28:42 GMT 2005


I use samba 3.0.10 in FreeBSD 4.10 and I've some problem with browse 
list. The network were I'm supervisor contains about 50 XP box, 1 
FreeBSD (DHCP+WINS server) and 1 Debian box (samba 3.0.10 ) which is a 
large file server. I've tryed many version of samba (3.X) but the 
problem is still here. Log files says nothing (loglevel MAX). Browse 
list die very often and I must restart samba in freeBSD box.

-All clients use hibryd nodes and dhcp allocate this + the wins server 
-There is  a simple workgroup , clients not enter any DOMAIN.
-FreeBSD Samba box is preferred master, there are some lines from the 
config global section:

  security = share
  wins support = yes
  name resolve order = wins lmhosts hosts bcast
  wins proxy = no
  os level = 999
  domain master = yes
  local master = yes
  preferred master = yes
  domain logons = no

Anyone have a good idea what cause crash of the browse list?

Thanks : XelNega

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