[Samba] Access200 Sharing Problem

Peter Huetmannsberger huetmann at site38.ping.at
Mon Jan 17 23:09:14 GMT 2005


Using samba-3.0.11 or 3.0.11rc1 on RH9
Win Clients are XP SP2

I have a problem with sharing an ACCESS2000 mdb file on a samba share. The 
first user can open the file without any trouble. The next user (or the 
same user again) has to wait a timed 4 minutes before the database opens 
for him. 

I have tried a number of various locking options (oplocks = no, veto 
oplocks file = *\.mdb, even fake oplocks = yes) in order to improve the 
situation, but to no avail. 

One of the debugging messages I got was NT_STATUS_LOCK_NOT_GRANTED amongst 
a number of things I did not understand. 

A downgrade to 2.2.12 improved the situation immediately, the second user 
has no trouble opening the file, and working with it. 

I would like to use the features of samba-3.0.10 for a samba PDC which is 
why I am not happy about downgrading. But the database is the main tool 
for the film festival I work for, so it must work. 

HAs anyone else found a solution to ACCESS2000 sharing problems. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

Many thanks, 

Peter Huetmannsberger, RHCE

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