[Samba] Move 3.0.10 PDC to server with diifferent hostname an IP address

Nicholas Brealey nick at brealey.org
Mon Jan 17 22:02:28 GMT 2005

I want to move my Samba 3.0.10 server which is acting as PDC and
WINS server to a new server with a differenent hostname and IP address.

The old server is being used as a NIS+ server which means it would
be very difficult for me to move the old hostname and IP to the new server.

I have used the IP of the old server in the WINS server settings in DHCP
and have set it by hand on a handful of PCs with don't get there IP 
address by DHCP. I realise I will have to change that IP address in DHCP
and the clients.

I know what files I need to copy from one server to another.

Is it sufficient to set netbios name = the old name on the new server 
given that the old name will still correspond to the old server in DNS?



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