[Samba] Samba PDC and logon.bat questions

Mike Partyka mike.partyka at stonepath.com
Mon Jan 17 18:34:27 GMT 2005

>as for the group share, create a share like:
>comment = group share
>path = /home/groups/%G

Ahh I see, no need to declare each group share explicately, as long as users
are placed in the appropriate groups then they'll get the right share

>"profile home = \home\samba\profile" and I logon using an XP 
>I can't say i've ever seen this parameter!!!
>You want this in your global section:
>logon path = \\sambahost\Profiles
>create a share called Profiles
>comment = profile share
>path = /home/profiles/%u

Sorry, I was typing the email from memory and didn't get the profile
parameter for XP machines right, but It looks as though you understood what
I meant. As all users are now using just local profiles in a workgroup setup
I wonder at the need for roaming profiles, if I just blank out the right
hand side of the "logon path" parameter then doesn't that disable roaming
profiles without the need to do a regedit on each workstation?

Thanks for your help!

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> Hello,
> Since logon.bat is being processed by a windows client 
> machine that has no
> idea what to do with Samba variables, how do you avoid having 
> to create a
> separate logon script for each user? To flesh this out bit, I 
> am attempting
> to setup a very common set of shares, they are; 1) a personal share,
> /home/username 2) a group share, /home/samba/group 3) a public share,
> /home/samba/public. And my login script is very basic and 
> looks like this:
> Net time \\sambahost /set /yes
> Net use h: \\sambahost\username <file:///\\sambahost\username> 
> Net use g: \\sambahost\group <file:///\\sambahost\group> 
> Net use p: \\sambahost\public <file:///\\sambahost\public> 
You want something like this:
net time \\sambahost /set /yes
net use h: \\sambahost\homes
net use g: \\sambahost\group
net use p: \\sambahost\public
> But there username varies as does the group name, so for now 
> I have setup
> the netlogon share like this:
> [netlogon]
> Path = /home/samba/netlogon/u%
Change this back to path = /home/samba/netlogon

as for the group share, create a share like:
comment = group share
path = /home/groups/%G

providing you have put users in to appropiate groups it should work.

> And in the /home/samba/netlogon directory, I have a 
> directories for each
> user and a logon.bat. I'm sure there's a better way to do this, could
> someone help a guy out?
delete all the user directories and have a single login.bat file
> Second question:
> When using roaming profiles, and I have a global parameter like this
> "profile home = \home\samba\profile" and I logon using an XP 

I can't say i've ever seen this parameter!!!

You want this in your global section:
logon path = \\sambahost\Profiles

create a share called Profiles
comment = profile share
path = /home/profiles/%u

you'll need to create the /home/profile directory and the user directories
under it. Make sure they have the correct permissions for each user.

> Thanks so much,
> Mike Partyka

The majority of this is covered in the samba HOWTO collection.


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