[Samba] sambaPwdMustChange

Daniel Wilson daniel.wilson at sunderland.ac.uk
Mon Jan 17 15:38:04 GMT 2005

The number (1108741705) is a unix time stamp (number of seconds since 
1st jan 1970)  use this webs ite to convert it to a readable date 
(http://www.4webhelp.net/us/timestamp.php), the number you have provided 
tells me that your password will expire on (1108741705 translates to 
*Friday, February 18^th 2005, 15:48:25 (GMT))

if you dont want it to expire create a date for 30 years time or so?

bash# perl -e 'print time+946080000;'

this should always give you a unixtime stamp in 30 years time!

This will make your password expire in 2035 !!
Patrick DUBAU wrote:

> Hi,
> i have samba 3.0.10 installed with LDAP.
> I noticed few days ago that my adminsitrator account has expired. I 
> think it's because of the sambaPwdMustChange field of LDAP. I changed 
> the passwd now i have the value 1108741705 in it. What does it mean 
> (when will i be prompted again to change my passwd) and do i have to 
> put in this field so that the password will never expire ?
> Thanks for any help

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