[Samba] Samba 3.0.x 2-node cluster / ID mapping

Gibbs, Simon simon.gibbs at informa.com
Mon Jan 17 14:55:29 GMT 2005


I¹m looking to implement a 2-node Samba cluster using Samba version 3.0.9
running on Redhat Enterprise 3 Taroon update 3.
Each node will be located in a separate location and connected via dual
fibre to individual EMC storage (the data will be mirrored between each
storage unit) and we are aiming to run
Legato AAM to provide the clustering. At the moment each Samba node is a
member of our Windows domain and can individually authenticate users against
Active Directory and share
files with ACL¹s etc.

My understanding is that both nodes within the cluster must have an
understanding of the ID mappings allocated on each node otherwise when a
failover is initiated the mappings will be
inconsistent and the defined permissions will be incorrect.
How do I go about ensuring the ID mappings are correct? Is it a case of
adding the users to an LDAP backend and then pointing both smb.conf files to

I did read a small section in the Samba How-To under Section 6: Domain
Membership that covered ³Sharing User ID Mappings between Samba Domain
members² but it didn¹t go into to much detail.
Is this the correct path to go down or am I barking up the wrong tree?

If anyone has any advice/experience or ²best practice² ideas please let me

Thanks in advance,


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