[Samba] samba vfs recycle problem

Surakshan Mendis surakshan at surasoft.com
Mon Jan 17 08:55:39 GMT 2005


VERSIONS tried: 3.0.9 and 3.0.10
Function: Domain Controller

Summary: Using the recycle vfs module, files deleted are not "touched"

I've set up VFS recycle so that when a user deletes a file it gets moved
to the .salvage directory. recycle:touch = yes is set, but the moved
(deleted) file still contains the original time stamp when doing an "ls

Because the files are not touched, the timestamp remains the same, hence
I can figure out when a file was deleted hence I can't automatically
empty files in the .salvage directory based on the age its been there

- Kernel 2.6.10
- This is a testing domain controller hence /home is in /
- Partition is reiserfs3.6, and has quotas enabled.

- FSTAB entry: /dev/hda3               /               reiserfs
notail,usrquota,grpquota 0 1

Homes share looks like this:

comment = Home Directories
valid users = %S
read only = No
browseable = No
valid users = @ntadmins @ntresident
# Hide files that linux permissions prevent access to
hide unreadable = yes

vfs object = recycle
 recycle:repository = .salvage
 recycle:keeptree = No
 recycle:touch = Yes
 recycle:versions = Yes
 recycle:exclude = ?~$*,~$*,*.tmp,*.temp,*.TMP
 recycle:exclude_dir = /tmp,/temp,/cache
 recycle:noversions = *.doc
 recycle:maxsize = 0

# Don't allow access to any of the following files.
# Useful for preventing the spread of virus infections on your server
# should a Windows-connected client become infected.
# The last match bit prevents accessing files with a CLSID in its file
#veto files = /*.{*}/

Finally, I can login as to a users linux account and touch files

I'm not sure if this is a problem, but I'e redirected the Desktop the
user to a hidden directory of their profile (so profiles load quicker)

What do you think is the matter?

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