[Samba] Win2K. Raw CUPS printing, driver download

Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology BrainChild at Skyler.com
Mon Jan 17 00:35:30 GMT 2005

Does anyone have a suggestion?

The only replies I got were automated vacation responses.

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 10:27:52 -0500, you wrote:

>Using Debian Sarge, samba, CUPS, and an HP G85 mutifunction with HPOJ
>to use the G85 USB connection, I've been able to get raw printing to
>work, and Point 'n' Print driver download to work, but not at the same
>The driver download was a chore, because of HP's proprietary install
>program.  Had to install the driver locally to get the needed files
>and copy them manually to the Linux box.
>Raw printing didn't work unless I did a local install of the driver
>and created a new port named //server/printer, which pretty much
>defeats the driver download feature.  Incidentally, the documentation
>on doing this refers to the "Details" tab, but it's really the "Ports"
>tab in the Win2K printer driver Properties sheet.  The docs should
>probably be updated for this.
>If I use the driver download, the output from a WordPad document with
>just the word "test" spits out multiple pages, each being either blank
>or just one line of garbage.  The first page has a line which begins
>with @ and character like a capital C with a tail, then the printer
>URL in the form \\server\printer, cut off near the end by a smiley
>face and various other odd characters.  The URL appears to repeat near
>the end of the line but is cut off when the printer runs out of room
>on the right.
>My thinking is that the printer URL must be an artifact of sending the
>data over the network, and that samba should be removing it, because
>CUPS wouldn't know what to do with it.  Not sure why this happens with
>the downloaded driver but not the locally installed one.
>I would prefer to use the driver download feature, since it doesn't
>require a manual install of the driver on each workstation.  Can
>anyone suggest how to get this to work?
>Don Stauffer, Office Manager
>Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology, Inc.

Don Stauffer, Office Manager
Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology, Inc.

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