[Samba] Unwanted MySQL logging

Simon A. F. Lund safl at safl.dk
Sun Jan 16 23:03:03 GMT 2005


I'm running samba 3.0.10 as a PDC with users stored in MySQL on FreeBSD 
5.3. And it works great. But i have one litte hickup.

My samba logs are getting flooded with entries like this on:

"Connecting to database server, host: localhost, user: XXX, password: 
XXX, database: auth, port: 3306"

Containing the actual mysql username/password, it logs this everytime 
samba does a mysql query. Needlees to say i do not want samba to do 
this. But my problem is i do not know how to stop this unwanted logging. 
I've google'd and searched the mailinglist but have found no answers.
I hope you will help me with this :)

This is my logging configuration:

log level = 1
syslog = 0
syslog only = No
log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m


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