[Samba] PDC, BDC and member server

Davide Pasquale pasquale.davide at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 22:38:16 GMT 2005

Hi all!
I want to implement a samba architecture with one PDC one BDC and 1
file server acting as a domain member server in a lan with
approximately 60 clients. Even if  they are not so many I need a
solution that can give scalability to 100 clients in near future and
reliability in case of hardware fail.
Therefore I'm going to configure this system in order to obtain
redundancy in user authenticantion and fileserving:
- 1 mid level server with debian sarge, samba 3.x.x and ldap as master
server. It will act as domain controller using LDAP (hostname GOLIAT).
- 1 high level server (raid 5, scsi disk, dual cpu)  with debian
sarge, samba 3.x.x. It will act as a domain member server /file server
for users. (hostname FSERVER).
-1 not so old server  with debian sarge, samba 3.x.x, winbind and 
ldap as slave server.  (hostname JEDI).
 Its role is to serve as BDC and as a redundant file server in order
to go up if the FSERVER dies :( . Obviusly the share between FSERVER
and JEDI will be syncronized using rsync at night.

In this way I think to be covered from domain controller fault,
overload and from FSERVER fault, remaining online with at least one DC
and one fileserver.

Can you give an opinion about this idea?

PS: excuse for poor english

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