[Samba] Windows 2003 member server

Christensen Tom paveraware at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 15 02:05:22 GMT 2005

I have a Samba 3 pdc set up with ldap password backend, I successfully 
joined a windows 2003 server to the domain, however I cannot log in with any 
domain users from the samba pdc.  If I log in as a local user on the windows 
2003 server I can connect to the samba pdc, and when asked for a 
username/password, the username and password of a user on the PDC works.  I 
can log in that way and see a user's files on the PDC, however initial 
authentication fails.  My first question is, Is this a supported layout 
(samba 3 PDC, windows 2003 member server)?.  Secondly, what would cause 
authentication from the windows login prompt to fail, but authentication 
inside windows to work?
Thanks for any help,

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