[Samba] Performance problems with 3.0.10

Stéphane Purnelle stephane.purnelle at tiscali.be
Fri Jan 14 22:10:09 GMT 2005

What do you mean with performance problem.
I ask this question because I upgraded my samba version 3.0.7 -> 3.0.10 
and all windows 9x clients have problem when use office 97 files.
The network is very slow and CPU is 100%.

Maybe is because my office97 is installed to my server ?
The windows 2000 client not have this problem because office97 is not 
used from server.

Sheikji Nazirudeen a écrit :

>Hello folks,
>   Has anyone experienced problems with ver 3.0.10? I just upgraded to
>3.0.10 and have been having my memory eaten up. Any help would be
>Sheikji Nazirudeen
>IT Analyst
>Syracuse University

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