[Samba] Missing last character in share name when access from Win2k

Marc Sherman msherman at projectile.ca
Fri Jan 14 20:34:46 GMT 2005

I'm getting frequent errors on Samba 3.0.10 about failing to access a 
share, where the name is missing its last character:

Jan 13 20:55:42 pyloric smbd[18322]: [2005/01/13 20:55:42, 0] 
Jan 13 20:55:42 pyloric smbd[18322]:   vomit ( couldn't 
find service music-ri

vomit is a win2k (fully patched) machine.  This error occurs when 
attempting to access the share "//pyloric/music-rip".

When the error occurs, I can still access the share, though it does feel 
sluggish -- it's difficult for me to say for sure, though.

I've googled for this, and found a fair number of reports of this issue, 
but no explanation or fix.  One such report is here:

There's a reply to that report suggesting an upgrade to 3.0.7 to fix the 
issue, but obviously that won't help me, as I'm already running 3.0.10. :)

Any advice?

- Marc

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