[Samba] Re: Unable to connect to smb shares from second machine in workgroup

Andrew DeFaria Andrew at DeFaria.com
Fri Jan 14 18:37:09 GMT 2005

Ed Holden wrote:

> That you are getting a password prompt on starbase at all indicates 
> that you are connecting to earth, but earth is probbaly rejecting your 
> login.  While voyager\foo and \starbase\foo may not be the same user, 
> in my experience as long as you are using the correct password for 
> your Samba user earth\foo, the username "foo" should work fine from 
> starbase.  Are you seeing anything odd in the Samba logs on earth?

Well on both XP boxes the username is my name, Andrew DeFaria, and the 
passwords are indeed the same. On the Linux box I use a username of just 
andrew. smbusers maps "Andrew DeFaria" -> andrew and this works just 
fine for Voyager but again, not for Starbase. The user andrew on the 
Linux box has the same password as the two XP boxes.

No, I'm seeing nothing strange in the Samba log files. I think the fact 
that nmblookup is telling in that it cannot seem to find the machine 
Starbase but it can fine the machine voyager. I don't know why. I've 
taken steps to insure that /etc/hosts on the machines all reflect the 
proper IP addresses. I've even created an /etc/samba/lmhosts so that the 
proper IP addresses are denoted there.

> Perhaps your wireless network is on a different subnet from your wired 
> one?  In that case a host allow line in smb.conf may be the culprit.

I don't think so. The IP addresses involved are voyager:, 
earth: and starbase:

> What happens when starbase is on the wired network instead of the 
> wireless one (assuming you have a normal ethernet port on starbase).

I thought of that but argh! Now I gotta fine a wire that long! :-(

Well it's not that far away and I could always move the machine (but was 
hoping to avoid that).

BTW: Starbase can browse to shares on Voyager and Voyager can browse to 
shares on Starbase. At least I think I did that before - I'll have to 
check tonight.
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