[Samba] Unable to connect to smb shares from second machine in workgroup

Ed Holden eholden at mclean.harvard.edu
Fri Jan 14 18:14:00 GMT 2005

That you are getting a password prompt on starbase at all indicates that 
you are connecting to earth, but earth is probbaly rejecting your login. 
  While voyager\foo and \starbase\foo may not be the same user, in my 
experience as long as you are using the correct password for your Samba 
user earth\foo, the username "foo" should work fine from starbase.  Are 
you seeing anything odd in the Samba logs on earth?

Perhaps your wireless network is on a different subnet from your wired 
one?  In that case a host allow line in smb.conf may be the culprit. 
What happens when starbase is on the wired network instead of the 
wireless one (assuming you have a normal ethernet port on starbase).


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Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> I have a pretty simply home LAN with a Linux box (Mandrake 9.1) and 2 XP 
> boxes. The workgroup is named UNIVERSE and the machines are earth 
> (Linux), voyager (XP) and starbase (XP). (smb.conf has security=user).
> Voyager can browse over to \\earth\share no problem. Recently I 
> connected starbase to my LAN using a wireless router. When on starbase I 
> cannot browse to \\earth\share. When I do so I get prompted for a 
> username/password. No username/password works however!
> Now I realize that in this situation with no domain control a user named 
> voyager\foo is not considered the same as starbase\foo. However how can 
> I get them both to be able to use \\earth\share?
> BTW: Starbase used to be able to browse to \\earth\share before. Voyager 
> is a new XP box and replaced Starbase.
> Any ideas would be helpful.
> A little more info. Trying to follow the instructions at 
> http://us1.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/diagnosis.html.
> When I do nmblookup -B voyager "*" I get:
> Earth:nmblookup -B voyager "*"
> querying * on
> *<00>
> However when I do it for starbase:
> Earth:nmblookup -B starbase "*"
> querying * on
> name_query failed to find name *
> I have starbase in both /etc/hosts and /etc/samba/lmhosts pointing to 
> I've also tried completely turning off the XP SP2 
> firewall on Starbase - didn't help.
> Ideas?

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