[Samba] Unable to connect to smb shares from second machine in workgroup

Andrew DeFaria Andrew at DeFaria.com
Fri Jan 14 16:10:17 GMT 2005

I have a pretty simply home LAN with a Linux box (Mandrake 9.1) and 2 XP 
boxes. The workgroup is named UNIVERSE and the machines are earth 
(Linux), voyager (XP) and starbase (XP). (smb.conf has security=user).

Voyager can browse over to \\earth\share no problem. Recently I 
connected starbase to my LAN using a wireless router. When on starbase I 
cannot browse to \\earth\share. When I do so I get prompted for a 
username/password. No username/password works however!

Now I realize that in this situation with no domain control a user named 
voyager\foo is not considered the same as starbase\foo. However how can 
I get them both to be able to use \\earth\share?

BTW: Starbase used to be able to browse to \\earth\share before. Voyager 
is a new XP box and replaced Starbase.

Any ideas would be helpful.

A little more info. Trying to follow the instructions at 

When I do nmblookup -B voyager "*" I get:

Earth:nmblookup -B voyager "*"
querying * on *<00>

However when I do it for starbase:

Earth:nmblookup -B starbase "*"
querying * on
name_query failed to find name *

I have starbase in both /etc/hosts and /etc/samba/lmhosts pointing to I've also tried completely turning off the XP SP2 
firewall on Starbase - didn't help.

Just what part of "NO" didn't you understand?

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