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Christoph Stoettner nospam at stoeps.de
Fri Jan 14 17:02:10 GMT 2005


i think you have a problem with the linux file rights:

You have 765 so you get drwxrw-r-x for your directory /home/cotiza.

Your users need the right x for changing in a directory. So all users in
your group users aren't allowed to get in!

Am Freitag, den 14.01.2005, 08:12 -0800 schrieb Sebastian Sola:
> Hi,

> In my computer i have a directory named cotiza owned
> by user4(me) with the group users and mode 765.

You will need 775!
> M users list there're user1, user2, user3 and user4
> all of them with users group.

> In smb.conf have:
> [cotiza]
> comment = Directorio de Cotizaciones
> path = /home/cotiza/
> valid users = user1,user2,user3
> read list = user1
> write list = user2,user3
> create mask = 0765
> create directory mask = 0765
> create directory mode = 0765

Isn't user4 allowed to write there with a smb/cifs-client?
> In users 1, 2 and 3 smbfstab have:
> //xxx.xxx.x.x/cotiza /home/user(x)cotiza
> username=user(X),password=xxxx,fmask=765,dmask=765

I think you can leave f/dmask away, but I'm not sure.
> All of that is not working. I need that users2 and 3
> can create or modify any of the files inside and user1
> just read it. Also, I need users 2 and 3 can make
> directorys with the same mode and that is not working
> too.

You will have this points, when you change the rights to 775. Problem
are users in group users, which can access your computer (where samba is
running), because they can write too!

A second method would be acl and perhaps you can make some easier
configuration with sticky bits -> change to 2775, then every file
beyond /home/cotiza will get equal groups.
> Can somebody help me??
Hope so!
Christoph Stoettner <nospam at stoeps.de>

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