[Samba] Help with samba

Sebastian Sola sebassola at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 14 16:12:30 GMT 2005


I have an small network with SUSE 9.1 and trying to
use samba. I was reading a lot of papers about samba,
but i cannot do something i need.

In my computer i have a directory named cotiza owned
by user4(me) with the group users and mode 765.

M users list there're user1, user2, user3 and user4
all of them with users group.

In smb.conf have:
comment = Directorio de Cotizaciones
path = /home/cotiza/
valid users = user1,user2,user3
read list = user1
write list = user2,user3
create mask = 0765
create directory mask = 0765
create directory mode = 0765

In users 1, 2 and 3 smbfstab have:
//xxx.xxx.x.x/cotiza /home/user(x)cotiza

All of that is not working. I need that users2 and 3
can create or modify any of the files inside and user1
just read it. Also, I need users 2 and 3 can make
directorys with the same mode and that is not working

Can somebody help me??


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