[Samba] RESEND: SAMBA for 20days!!! Please help me

Diana Ross Guerrero dreguerrero at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 14 10:46:56 GMT 2005

Hi! Please help me... I'm really confused.. I have read almost all the books out there but its not working.. I just want my Windows PC to be able to access UNIX PC with a username and password authentication. Below is my smb.conf file..
 workgroup = MyWorkgroup
 netbios name = board_pc
 server string = %h server (samba %v)
 log level = 10
    syslog = 0
 log file = /usr/local/samba/var/log.%m
 encrypt passwords = Yes
 unix password sync = yes
 username level = 8
 password level = 8
 domain logons = yes
 security = user
 os level = 34
 local master = yes
 preferred master = yes
 domain master = yes
 interfaces =
 bind interfaces = Yes
 path = /home
 writeable = yes
 browsable = yes
 guest ok = yes
 valid users = %S
 comment = The domain logon service
 path = /export/samba/logon
 public = no
 writeable = no
 browsable = no
 path = /home/dian
 comment = Dian's home directory
 writeable = yes
 valid users = dian, dianag, dianag$, root
I have tried all of these commands together with the outputs:
1)  ./smbclient -L -U%
added ip interface = bcast= netmask=
added ip interface = bcast= netmask=
Sharename                    Type                              Comment
----------------                     -------                              -------------
homes                           Disk
Server                           Comment
---------                           --------------
board_pc                      192 server (samba 3.0.5)
2) ./smbpasswd -a -m dianag  #to add a trusted domain which resulted a line in smbpasswd:
dianag$:501:4B8A4614E53B8055AAD3B435B51404EE:F4D74586093798E91CE014337F533210:[W          ]:LCT-41E7AAC2:
Then I tried to access the board_pc, but I cant log-in.. And if u'l examine the log files, it has many authentication processes with different results.  For example, I've got an error of NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER in one authentication method, then in SAM authentication - I've got NT_WRONG_PASSWORD...
Please help me.. I don't know what to do.. Please....

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