[Samba] SUS server on linux/unix (maybe out of scope)

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Fri Jan 14 09:06:51 GMT 2005

Hi Bart,
there is no pure linux sus server,
there are some scripts which can do it with perl , or one script from 
german magazine ct
which runs on windows ( this should be easily ported to linux )
but you can install the ms-susserver on a vmware machine without problems.
If you use a repack of the orginal sus msi ms pack you can run a 
susserver on a win 2000
workstation too. ( no win server version is needed )
good info can be found at

there are other solution which are more for general deploy software
like i.e. unattended which have equal features for distribute win updates


Bart Haezeleer schrieb:

>A collegue claim there is a way to setup a SUS server on a linux/unix, but
>he doesn't have any URLs or documentation.
>Is there a solution such a solution (pure unix, no emulation with vmware
>or so)?
>Where can I find more info?

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