[Samba] Lingering WinXP SP2 issues

David Schlenk david-schlenk at bethel.edu
Thu Jan 13 21:45:56 GMT 2005

OK, after more testing:

The "A policy is in effect on your computer
which prevents you from connecting to this print queue. Please contact
your system administrator." message does indeed show up if a queue's 
driver has not been loaded by a local admin in the past. This is 
normal, this is expected.

What I'm experiencing is that occasionally, on a random queue, 
different every time, some users (that are not local admins) get that 
message, along with a few other errors saying "The application failed 
to initialize properly (0xc000001d). Click on OK to terminate the 
application." for something called SUBINACL.EXE. The queue would still 
open, but printing wasn't reliable.

I talked to our windows admin about it and he couldn't think of why 
that was happening, or if they would be related. It is interesting that 
this only occurs when the machine's account is in an OU that has a lot 
of group policies applied to it, so it probably has more to do with 
that than samba.  We've run into some other policies that do bad things 
with SP2 applied (like reboot loops).
David Schlenk
Operating Systems Analyst
Bethel University
Saint Paul, Minnesota
david-schlenk at bethel.edu

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