[Samba] Permission problem (Retract)

Rob Brenart (TT) Rob.Brenart at tradingtechnologies.com
Thu Jan 13 17:45:46 GMT 2005

More information

Simple: I'm an idiot.

Longer: I was using the wrong credentials file in my fstab :(

Sorry to waste anyones time!

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I have a share mounted using smbfs, rw
I can access the share just fine.
I can create files on it and modify them all I like.  But if I create the
file using windows, I can no longer modify it. 
i.e. I open the share on a windows box and make a directory
mv testdir testdir2
mv: cannot move `testdir' to `testdir2': Permission denied
This is causing me a huuuuge headache right now... does anyone know what's
going on?
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