[Samba] Allowing access to users from a different domain

Damir Dezeljin programing at mbss.org
Thu Jan 13 13:32:42 GMT 2005


I have an Linux based infrastructure (SAMBA with OpenLDAP as backend,...).
Mostly users uses WinXP/2k to login to my local NT domain (SAMBA).

We are going to connect another LAN trough VPN. Their infrastructure is
based on Win2000 server with AD backend. I would like to allow my users to
write to their server and viceversa. I know that this be done by setting
up a trust, however I don't know to allow members of their Administrators
group to have Administrators privileges on my NT domain. Is it possible to
do so - I don't have any preferences - if it is not needed to use a trust
releationship it would be even better.

Is it possible for Samba 3 to make a trust to AD based domain in native
mode (not compatibility mode)

Thanks and best regards,

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