[Samba] samba auth but no pdc

abo abo at brujulatelecom.com
Thu Jan 13 12:21:16 GMT 2005


im setting up a pure ldap environment, that means NO nt domains or any
ms dependency.
we want also allow some windows machines to access nfs+samba file
servers but we dont need samba acting as PDC, only authenticate with a
username and password stored in ldap.
is sufficient with setting 

password server = myldap.server:389

or do i need to set also in idmap backend?

i repeat just to clarify:

centralized ldap authentication
nfs shares
smb shares identical to nfs ones
mainly linux clients (this is done for now and it works)
MAYBE: windows clients authenticating with ldap through pgina
windows clients accessing some smb shares

what settings do i need to change on smb.conf?

thx in advance


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