[Samba] Multiple Permissions within a share for the same userid

Bart Hendrix hendrix at worldpilot.nl
Thu Jan 13 06:22:48 GMT 2005

Hi Tom.

The most easiest way is to create two shares, but you can also set with 
setfacl the rights. Then you don't have to use the readlist and writelist in 
samba.conf. With this tool you can set rights for every share / folder in 
this share, or one folder in a share.

If you want to learn more about setfacl: google is one of your best friends.

Greetz Bart
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> Michael Lueck wrote:
>> Simply what I would like to create is the following
>> Default, the share is read only
>> The share has a write list, for admins allowed to update the share
>> Now for the twist...
>> Read Only Users have ability to write to one dir within the share
>> Any simple way to configure this, or is two shares easier?
> Two shares are the easiest way to do this, IMHO.
>> Here is the share as it stands today...
>> [blablabla]
>>    comment = Bla Bla Bla
>>    browseable = no
>>    path = /shares/blablabla
>>    guest ok = no
>>    read only = yes
>>    write list = mradmin
>> And lets say I would like to allow /shares/blablabla/app/logs to be a 
>> user writable directory tree.
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