[Samba] power failures & loss of krb TGT

Tyler Retzlaff list at omicron-persei-8.net
Thu Jan 13 05:02:07 GMT 2005

I'm experiencing some irritating behavior resulting in "Unable to verify 
incoming ticket!" messages are produced as a result.  They occur as a result 
of a client that had been disconnected but has reconnected browsing shares on 
the samba server.  (This usually occurs for e.g. by the samba server 
suffering a power failure and then returning to service without the client 
having noticed).

I'm affraid my krb5 knowledge is limited but I gather this occurs because the 
windows client is holding a stale ticket?  Is there anyway I can configure 
the samba server to identify and force renegotiation?

Then again I could have no clue at all.  Explanations and solutions welcome.


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