[Samba] Samba share for ADS users

Rashaad S. Hyndman IslandBwoy at ToughGuy.net
Wed Jan 12 20:29:10 GMT 2005

Hi all,

As per suggested i added a windbind seperator comment in my samba.conf file
and followed that up with "adminin user=<Domain+Some AD user".  I expected
this to give that AD user full control over the share (read , write ,
execute) however, if that user tries to create a file in that direcotry he
still gets accessed is denied.  Right now i have the share owned by a unix
user (because i dont know of any why to have it owned by an AD user) non
root with 755 as the permissions on all the folders.  How do i go about
giving and ADS user the ability to create files and folders in that
directory without changing the rights to 777 for all files and folders?


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