[Samba] Samba ADS

Rashaad S. Hyndman IslandBwoy at ToughGuy.net
Wed Jan 12 18:46:16 GMT 2005


I just noticed that in my samba logs when i get a user that is denied access
to my share i get and error message similar to:
Username Domain+Machinename is invalid on this system

Why is this happeneing?  Why is it specifying the machine name and not the
username?  My understanding is that my machine should contact the DC and
pass the authentication info to the DC for access.  Why isnt this happening?

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> Hi all,
> I have a samba server that authenticates users against a AD Domain
> on a different machine and everything works fine.  However, i would find
> ever so often this machine would stop authenticating people for now
> reason.  Usually i would restart winbind, and samba and everything would
> start working but even that seems not to work anymore.  Are there any
> processess i should be stopping/starting/restarting to have my samba
> talk to the DC again?
> Regards,
> R.
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