[Samba] compiling samba 3.0

Siim Karus siim04 at math.ut.ee
Wed Jan 12 15:32:32 GMT 2005


 I had the same issue as you and some others. I found your post
[http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2003-October/000762.html] but no 
replays, so I figured that the issue is still unresolved. However, I 
found the solution by having a look at the files causing the problem. As 
I understood, if nss.h file is present on your system, it will be used. 
However, nss.h does not always have the nessessary definitions. For 
example, I had mozilla nss installed and the nss.h file it  had did not 
have any NSS_STATUS definitions. So I just removed the case on having 
nss.h file on your computer by modifying "source/nsswitch/winbind_nss.h" 
file by removing (commenting out) following lines:

#elif HAVE_NSS_H

 * Linux (glibc)

#include <nss.h>
typedef enum nss_status NSS_STATUS;

Now I could compile samba and install it. I used Samba-3.0.10 sources. 
If anyone knows how to make patch/diff file for that, then please make 
it, I am too new to Linux fur that :(.

 Siim Karus

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