[Samba] help needed to move from Samba 2 to 3

Mark Mitchell mark.mitchell at are.ltd.uk
Wed Jan 12 11:26:19 GMT 2005

I know that these kind of postings are sometimes frowned upon, so i will 
apologise in advance.

What we have had in place for over 5 years is a Redhat 5.2 machine 
running Samba 2.06, and Win 95, 98 and ME clients, with but Home and 
Public shares on Samba. I am happy configuring this version of Samba to 
do what I want it to do and it has worked well.

Needing to have Win 2000 & XP Clients We now have a replacement box, 
Running Fedora, and Samba 3. I have been doing my very best to hook 
these up and have been spending some time on this and seem to have hit a 
brick wall, I can establish a share for WinME, but WinXP just doesn't 
want to connect to a share, thought it will log on to a the domain. I 
have configured both machines 'by the book' I get the feeling that is 
maybe my lack of experience with XP that is the problem more than at the 
server end?

Can any one out there offer some professional help? We are in South East 
England. I am not a Unix Guru, but I am no Unix idiot either. I just 
feel I need a bit of 'hand holding' to get me running with samba 3 and 
win XP.


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