[Samba] Re: University's using samba and ldap

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at ums.usu.ru
Wed Jan 12 10:43:07 GMT 2005

moof48 at temple.edu wrote:

> Is there anyone out there from other university's that would
> be willing to talk to me about you samba layout.  We already
> have it in place but we other colleges within the university
> that want to start using our setup but want there own
> domains.  I'm kind of confused how this would all work.

We do use SAMBA in the "Dialog" computer class in the Urals State
University. The setup is a more or less by-the-book (minus typos) single
LDAP-based domain controller. A patched version of LAM is used for
administration (but we should definitely use something different, LAM is
just too slow with 1000 users). The patch, all configuration files and
sample LDAP content will be sent upon request privately.

However, I cannot call this a success story. The reason is that operators
require re-teaching, and I (as a person responsible for the domain) just
receive no additional salary for that additional task. Since even after
explanation operators continue to create new users with inconsistent
capitalization of names and home directories, I consider migration back to
Windows 2000 Server. It's more forgiving. The problem is just how to
migrate all the users into Active Directory while preserving organizational
units :( Any ideas?

Alexander E. Patrakov

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