[Samba] chinese characters

Max Waterman davidmaxwaterman at fastmail.co.uk
Wed Jan 12 06:29:55 GMT 2005

Thanks! Sounds like a plan to me :)

OK, I guess it just fits in nicely with my geek character to always 
upgrade to the latest s/w :D ... which I often have to fight with 
production servers :(


Bjoern JACKE wrote:
> On 2005-01-11 at 10:48 +0800 Max Waterman sent off:
>> This is causing my users a lot of pain. Is SAMBA not supposed to work 
>> in China?
> you should be using samba 3 and you should leave unix charset at default 
> (utf8). Then you can create filenames whatever you want. You might need 
> to convert existing filenames if you have those from your old unix 
> charset to utf8 for example with convmv.
> Bjoern

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