[Samba] Question Re Basis Pro5 and Samba File and Record Locking

EJ support at emedia.com.au
Wed Jan 12 04:58:03 GMT 2005

Don't know much about Samba, so maybe this is a silly question, but could I
use SAMBA to allow Pro5 (Basis) applications, running on a number of SCO
Unix servers, to access data on a common server? (ie 6 SCO application
servers need to access a common data base, sitting on a  separate SCO


We have tried mounting an NFS volume on the data server to each of the
application servers, but the Pro5 applications cannot handle file and record
locking properly on an NFS volume, so the applications will not run. Could
we use SAMBA to make the data files visible to the Pro5 applications, by
placing the data files on a Windows or Linux box? (Or an another SCO box,
but not using NFS, because NFS and Pro5 have problems).


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.





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