[Samba] winbind stops authenticating until a restart.

brucehohl at access-4-free.com brucehohl at access-4-free.com
Wed Jan 12 00:52:59 GMT 2005

> Hello,
>             Ity seems I'm running into the same exact
> problem that Adrian is having.
> Jesse

Regarding: winbind stops authenticating until a restart

I also have this problem on two installs (SuSE 9.1 + Samba
3.0.2, and SLES 9 + Samba 3.0.4).  Over the past 3-4 months
I have noted this problem posted on this list only a few
times.  Thus, I suspect the problem is due to something
other than Samba.  If you find the cause or a solution
please post it.  

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