[Samba] Problem reading a file from a share

Rob Brenart (TT) Rob.Brenart at tradingtechnologies.com
Tue Jan 11 22:12:40 GMT 2005

I have a folder shared from a Solaris box (I believe using pc-net link, but
I'm not sure of the details)
My fstab line is
//machinename/Share /mnt/machinename/share smbfs
credientials=/etc/fstabpwds/username,ro,user 0 0
And it seems to work fine, I can access all the files I need without any
difficulty. But there's one file on there, in a subfolder, which gets
updated every 5 minutes. (I mention that because I'm wondering if I'm
catching it while it's being written to?)
If I try to cat this file, the process never ends.
If I try to copy it, the copy never ends and the destination file takes up
all the space on my system. (unless I kill it first).
Once in a very rare while, the cat or copy will work to completion, but it's
not something I can get to happen on purpose.
Anyone know what's going on, or better yet, how to fix it?

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