[Samba] Joining a samba domain on WinXP without a root login?

Hunter Rognstad hrognstad at starcenter.tn.org
Tue Jan 11 19:48:22 GMT 2005

I've been able to succesfully join XP boxes to the samba domain on samba 
2.2.3a (yes, I know it's old), registering the machine name and so 
forth, as many guides and so forth have shown online. However, it 
requires entering root's smbpasswd when joining the domain -- and I'd 
rather not have a Windows machine with any sort of remotely related root 
access to our servers, especially having the capability of a root login.

I'm curious, since SAMBA is its own project and should be able to work 
around it, if it's possible to join the domain without allowing the user 
root to log into it. I've tried having invalid users = root, and 
experimented with the domain admin group and admin users settings to 
work around it, but to no avail. I've googled for a solution, and found 
no suggestions.

If it's only possible to join the domain with root logins enabled, how 
insecure is it, exactly, and what are the best methods of working around 
that? Is there a best equivalent way to Win9x logins for WinXP, so I 
don't have to create matching accounts on every machine?


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