[Samba] Excel "file may have been modified by another user since"with Samba 3.0.10

mrojava4 at eastgranby.k12.ct.us mrojava4 at eastgranby.k12.ct.us
Tue Jan 11 16:24:00 GMT 2005

You may also want to read article 324491 at support.microsoft.com.  It
applies to Excel 2002, but may be pertinent.

Mark Orenstein
East Granby, CT School System

> Hello list,
> I am encountering a problem with Excel 2003 on Samba shares. If I open
> an Excel file, edit a cell and then try to save it, I get a dialog box
> with a "file may have been modified by another user since" message,
> with the option to save a new copy, or overwrite the current file.
> Subsequent saves don't exhibit this behaviour, it occurs only on the
> first save after opening a file.
> This was using Samba 3.0.2. I went through the Changelogs and saw the
> line in the 3.0.5 changes (Implement deferred open code to fix a bug
> with Excel files on Samba shares.) and thought that this would do the
> trick.
> I have built and rolled out 3.0.10, but the problem is still present.
> The only file that smbstatus shows is as follows:
> Pid    DenyMode   Access      R/W        Oplock           Name
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> 15586  DENY_NONE  0x2019f     RDWR       EXCLUSIVE+BATCH
> /home/d/david/a.xls   Tue Jan 11 15:02:14 2005
> I have tried the 'defer sharing violations' set to yes, set to no, but
> that doesn't change anything. I assume I have to change something in
> smb.conf but I don't know what it is.
> Thanks for any clues I can use,
> David
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