[Samba] Problem in tracing the code at client end

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Jan 11 15:24:58 GMT 2005

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caas it wrote:
| I am using samba 3.0.7 on Ferdora Core (2.6.5-3)
| I performed the following operation at the client
| side
|   mount //abc/abc_share /xyz
|   cd /xyz
|   mkdir pqr
| where "abc" is the remote server
| "abc_share" is the remote share
| "xyz" is the local directory
| What I want to know is, at the last statement, when an
| "mkdir" is given, exactly which function at the client(
| which inturn sends it to the server) gets called?
| I tried  tracing it to cli_mkdir() defined in
|      libsmb/clifile.c line no 345
| However, this function does not seem to get called.

Assuming you are talking about smbfs, you'll need to trace
into the kernel VFS code where the syscall is dispatched
to actual file system routines.

cheers, jerry
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