[Samba] Text files from Unix share

kurt weiss maillists at kwnet.at
Tue Jan 11 12:45:47 GMT 2005

Hentie Pauley schrieb:

> Hello
> The end-of-line or new-line character is not interpreted when I open a
> shared file using MS notepad. The file was created on a Sun Solaris system -
> The contents of the file is " I newline am newline testing newline samba"
> when I do a hex dump of the file on Unix I can see the 0d 0a at the end of

wich editor u're using? afaik, unix does not use CR/LF pairs...

> each line and the same on the Windows side but when I open the file with
> Notepad I get one line "I am testing samba"

check with another editor, accessing over the share, if the file is 
correct, or notepad is changing it... (e.g. notepad++ -> 

> I am sure there must be a setting somewhere in the Samba configuration - can
> someone please help...

afaik there's no translation in samba from CR/LF. especially not in this 

> Hentie

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