[Samba] Problems adding a user

Paul truzzi at qwest.net
Tue Jan 11 04:13:23 GMT 2005

I am having problems adding a user.  Here is some background: OK this is my
first attempt to build a Samba server so be gentle.  


Operating System: Fedora Core 3

Samba version: 3.0.10-1.fc3


I have set up a Stand-alone server to support my 4 client machines (all
WinXP boxes w/o a domain).  I had some difficulties getting things to work
and eventually traced them down to a Firestarter (1.0.0) and I had to turn
"block broadcasts" off. 


Up to now I'd been playing with two user accounts.  


Linux user pst = Win user Paul

Linux user ljk  = Win user Lisa


I've added and deleted these accounts a number of times (both the Samba
accounts and the Fedora accounts). After I turned broadcasts off  I got Paul
working fine.  But when I tried to get Lisa working this is what happens:


Applications => System Settings => Server Settings => Samba


 From the Samba GUI I selected: Preferences => Samba Users


 From the "Samba Users" window I select Add Users


And enter:


Unix Username: ljk (from drop down menu) 

Windows Username: lisa 

Samba Password: Supersecret 

Confirm Samba Password: Supersercret


I get the following error message:

! An Account for this user already exists. Please try again.


Now neither ljk nor lisa is listed on the Samba Users window, and there is a
user account ljk on Fedora.


So I tried to delete ljk as follows:


[root at localhost pst]# smbpasswd -x ljk

Deleted user ljk.

[root at localhost pst]# smbpasswd -x lisa

Failed to initialise SAM_ACCOUNT for user lisa. Does this user exist in the
UNIX password database ?

Failed to modify password entry for user lisa [root at localhost pst]#


What worries me is if I enter try and delete ljk again, expecting an error
message saying the user doesn't exist I get:


[root at localhost pst]# smbpasswd -x ljk 

Deleted user ljk.

[root at localhost pst]# smbpasswd -x ljk

Deleted user ljk.


This is not what I expected.  If I go back to the Samba GUI and try and add
ljk I get the same results as I showed at the start of this message.


Since then I have added two other users successfully.  So what am I doing
wrong with Lisa?




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