[Samba] Solaris 9 winbind/getent group issues

Michael Agard magard at aa-rf.com
Mon Jan 10 23:00:05 GMT 2005

Hello everyone,

I've got samba 3.0.10 compiled --with-pam and --with-winbind , have put
libnss_winbind.so into /usr/lib and created the appropriate links, and
have edited /etc/nsswitch.conf to have group and password point to files
then winbind.  I joined my domain successfully. I'm running on a Solaris
9 system with the 9_Recommended patch cluster installed. Relevant
smb.conf lines:

security = DOMAIN

winbind uid = 10000-20000
winbind gid = 10000-20000
winbind template homedir = /export/home/%D/%U
winbind separator = +
winbind nested groups = yes

I am having a problem which seems to be widely reported but never
resolved (per any of my myriad of searches of the various lists).
wbinfo -u returns a nice list of all users in my domain, wbinfo -g
returns an equally attractive list of domain groups, and wbinfo -t tells
me that the trust secret succeeded.

getent passwd returns local and domain users- another great listing.
Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, getent group only returns one
group after my local group list- Domain Admins. 

Thinking that this might be a quirky Solaris thing, I compiled the
getent.c included in the testsuite directory of the samba distro, and
ran it, with the same unfortunate results.

I ran winbindd with the debug level set to 10, and apart from some
benign charset substitution that seems to be happening, log.winbindd
doesn't show any errors. 

Attempts to chown files to MYDOMAIN+username work with winbindd running.
Attempts to chgrp files to anything other than MYDOMAIN+Domain Admins
results in a long, long hang (I left it for 15 minutes before giving
up).  chgrp to MYDOMAIN+Domain Admins does work, however.

I must humbly ask for your assistance here- I VERY MUCH need this to

Thank you,

Michael Agard
magard at razorfish.com

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