[Samba] Off line folders

Richard Green richard at atomic-x.co.uk
Mon Jan 10 21:58:51 GMT 2005


I am just wondering if anyone knows how to make working offline less
distruptive, I'm happy to sync on logoff and logon but is there any way
to stop the window popping up and displaying progress? I would rather
have it all done in the background and not be notified of syncronisation
errors. Any ideas?

Cheers Rich

Collins, Kevin wrote:
> I may be able to help on this one...we were having a similar problem and
> just last week cured it. (I hope!) 
> I had to do two things:
> 1). On the clients having this problem, edit this registry key:
> "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\NetCache\GoOff
> lineOnSlowLink".  If it's not there (as in my case) you may have to add the
> last key.  Make sure it's a DWORD Value when you add it.  Then set it's
> value to "1".  Restart the computer.
> 2). Next define a group policy that determines what a "Slow Link" is.  Run
> "GPEDIT.msc" from a command line and then look for the following selection:
> "Computer Configuration->Adminstrative Templates->Network->Offline
> Files->Configure Slow Link Speed".  I set it to a ridulously low speed - 32k
> - as I never hope to see my 100Mb/s network reduced to that little amount of
> bandwidth.  Since then my users have not been offline once. (Unless of
> course they actually are disconnected from my network.)
> I hope I've helped.
> Kevin
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>>I keep having problems with XP machines connecting to a Samba 
>>server (3.0.9), where the users keep going off line, small 20 
>>user network, not network perfomance issues.
>>Disable off line folders and all works. Reason for off line 
>>folders, it is a laptop and mydocs sits on server, also acts 
>>as a backup and server is backed up.
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