[Samba] Multiple winbindd processes

Vladimir Levijev dimir at rul0r.com
Mon Jan 10 17:40:19 GMT 2005


My problem is that I'd like to have one GNU/Linux box with Samba installed 
serve multiple domains.

I have 2 Domains separated from each other. Connected Samba box to both 
domains and joined them successfully. Running 2 smbd and 2 nmbd processes 
bound to the appropreate network interface, with different settings serving 
appropreate domans.

Samba server is visible in both networks but here is the problem. I can start 
2 winbindd processes for each domain controller, but only one is actually 
working. So only users from that one are able to authenticate. Using 'lsof' 
showed that both winbindd processes are connected to the pipe, but only the 
last one started is actually listening to requests?

The question is, what do I need to do to make 2 winbindd processes work 
simultaneously? Is there a solution available, or I will need to write a 
patch for winbind?


[vl at dimir]#

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