[Samba] Problem with mixed-case usernames and group mapping

Gustavo Noronha Silva gustavo.noronha at cidades.gov.br
Mon Jan 10 15:03:19 GMT 2005


I've got a problem with user<->group mapping. Our windows PDC has 
mixed-case usernames. 'getent passwd' is ok, as it simply ignores case 
and shows all users in lowercase, but 'getent group' will give me 
'group: User,User2', so when I 'id user' it will not be shown as member 
of 'group'.

A simple example:

# getent passwd fernando.rodrigues
fernando.rodrigues:[...]:Fernando Rodrigues Mendonca:[...]
# getent group cgmi
# id fernando.rodrigues
[...] gid=10000(Domain Users) grupos=10000(Domain Users)

Any ideas?


Gustavo Noronha Silva <gustavo.noronha at cidades.gov.br>
Coordenador-Geral de Modernização e Informática
Ministério das Cidades

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