[Samba] force create mode

Patrick DUBAU patrick.dubau at alsace.iufm.fr
Mon Jan 10 13:34:29 GMT 2005


i wan to force  the rights of a file that is created by a user at rwx 
rwx --- in the shared folder (samba 3.10)

here's the section in smb.conf file of the share
comment = fichiers du service comptable
path = /home/services/compta
public = yes
writeable = yes
read only = no
force create mode = 0034
valid users = @compta
# le groupe superviseur a tous les droits sur ce partage
admin users = @superviseur
browseable = no

i put force create mode = 0034, because i read that samba will make a 
'OR' bit operation on it
The default creat mask is 0744 so when i create a file the rights are 
rwx r-- r--.
But when i put  force create mode = 0034 i get rwx rwx r--  instead of  
rwx  rwx  --- !!
Where is the mistake?

Second question :
What instruction do i have to add in the [compta] section so that all 
the files are created with the right group (for now they are created 
with 'Domain Users' group)

Thanks for ant help

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